Porto Schiza

The most beautiful view of the sunset above the beach of Porto Schiza at village Kampi. Enjoy a meal and watch the best sunset on the island, in a relaxing atmosphere. All our food is traditionally cooked fresh every day, and with our local wine what else do you need?

In the day time enjoy your drink or your food watching the world go by.      

It truly is the closes thing to paradise day and night.

Porto Schiza one visit is never enough, you will always be wanting to come back time and time again.

One visit in Porto Schiza at Kampi, the day or the evening, is the best choice for your holidays in  Zakynthos, because is one of the best sights of the island.

Also if you want to spend your vacation near the Porto schiza,to visit us anytime you want, you can stay at the hotels which is close to our tavern.

Call us to reserve a table at night due to popular demand to avoid disappointment.

We will also cater for Special Occasions and Weddings, group booking is no problem, for more details or a price contact us!